What is AES Disease? What are its Causes and Prevention?


Acute Encephalitis Syndrome(AES) is spreading very quick in India causing very serious health problems. Over the span of a month, around 150 children have died in Bihar. Most of the death cases are due to hypoglycemia(low blood level sugar). Government and Society fail to protect the children once again, yes, this not first time AES hit in Bihar. In 2014 AES has hit Bihar by taking 196 young lives.

Doctors identified that most of the children who are affected by encephalitis are malnourished children with the lack of blood level sugar (hypoglycemia) and are between the age of 2 to 10 years. While it is untold that adults are not gonna suffer the same way, the viruses and its effects are not distinguished with the age. It is found that most of the children used to eat the fruits which are on the infected ground which has caused them this death threatening disease.

What Is AES?

Acute Encephalitis Syndrome is Japanese disease which is spread by animals and insects or stings. The disease is caused by different viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungus, etc. In some cases, AES affect those whose host defense system (immune system) is weak. As we all know this disease can life-threatening whereas mild flu-like symptoms shows at the early stage of the disease. If the patient starts to feel confused and hallucinates then he needs immediate medical attention.


Encephalitis is of two type

  • First, when the viruses attack the brain and the spinal cord which are spread by the animals and insects or stings.
  • Second, viruses through the other body part expanded up-to-the brain and the spinal cord. The parasites present in the immune system also mistakenly damages the brain.


If Encephalitis is in its initial stage then you may not find any symptoms but immediate attention is required when the symptoms like hallucination, confusion, loss of sensation or weakness are found in the patient.
Some others may include pain in the muscles, whole body fatigue, fever, muscle weakness, mental confusion, vomiting, muscle contractions.
While the most common symptoms are headache, reduced sensation of touch, weakness.


The most common cause for the AES is a Viral Infection. Bacterial infection can also cause Encephalitis.

  • The bacteria which includes such as Polioviruses which cause abdominal pain, illness, and flu-like diseases.
  • The viruses which are spread by the Mosquito there are chances of infection in the body because of this virus.
  • The virus which is transmitted by the bite of an animal like Rabies virus.

Complications totally depend or varies as the age changes and body or health or fitness. Depending factors of the complications are your age, severity of illness, the time interval of the treatment to begin and the cause of your infection, etc. People who get ill very easily might take a long time to get caught by AES compared to who usually don’t get ill quickly.


Best way to prevent viral AES is to take precaution.  Hygiene is the key to protect from any viral infection. After coming from public places like a gym or hospital, one should take a bath. Washing hand after frequently with anti-bacterial handwash before a meal will surely protect one from any bacterial disease.


As a treatment, there are some antidotes (reduces viruses) and anticonvulsant (relieves pain) are present which you can take at the initial stage of the AES. As supportive care or self-care fluid replacement i.e. supplies of water and nutrient in the body can help you to heal quickly but at an initial stage of AES only. But this small medications will only work if the condition is not severe. At severe stages, Patient must be immediately taken to a Doctor and proper care must be taken of them.


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