Best SUMMER Protection tips 2018

stay cool this summer
summer protection

Winters are now over and change in the atmosphere has started. You might be feeling hot and humidity during daylight. Because of much difference between highest and lowest temperature, our body cannot change accordingly fast. Thus we decided to provide seasonal health tips and here’s our summer protection tips. Such change in climate and temperature can cause health issues. While it’s our eating habits can directly affect our health. Due to which we can get viral fever, sore throat, cough, body pain, and like many other problems can be faced.So it becomes very important to keep proper care of one’s health and all such health problems can be prevented.

1) Drink as much water possible:

drink water as much possible
Drink water

Whether its winter or summer, it is very important to keep our body hydrated. So drink a good amount of water. Drinking lukewarm water can help us in maintaining our digestion properly. We should drink water only before 1 hour prior and 30 minutes after the meal.

Here are five benefits of drinking water:

  • It will help to maximize your physical performance.
  • It has major effects on energy levels and brain function.
  • It will also help to cure kidney stones.
  • Drinking water can help in weight loss. You can read our weight loss article.
  • It will relieve you from constipation.

Read the full article about 7 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water.

2) Maintain diet:

You must include proper herbs with your vegetable in your full day meal. This will help you get more energy. This will also increase your immune system also. Bacopa monnieri, amla, tulsi, aloe vera, ginger, ajwain, sonf, etc will help you in maintaining proper health. This time of the season, we should avoid ice-creams,  cold drinks, and too much oily things. It is very important to take healthy diet. Green-leafy vegetables, house-prepared food, soup, fiber included food and fruits will maintain you fit and healthy. Check out some diet recipes for weight loss.

3) Take proper care of Kids:

Small kids can easily get infected. So taking proper care of them is very important. Try to wear clothes which cover body protecting from the direct effect of UV rays on the skin. Don’t forget to apply UV protection cream with minimum 15 of Sun Protecting Factor(SPF). This will prevent skin burns as kids skin can be affected by sunlight during summers.


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