Your Ears Can Indicate Your Health: Don’t Ignore These Factors

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OUR ears indicate our health and hence we should ear health is very important. Therefore we should not ignore these factors.
It is a normal hygienic procedure to clean one’s ears once every few days. However, not all of us know that earwax has a protective function and can also indicate the state of our health with the help of earbud we can check the color of our earwax.

About human ear-
It’s an important body part that allows people to hear what’s going on around them. you also may have the wrong perception that our earwax is body waste however it’s a kind of protection. It keeps the ear canal lubricated, therefore, prevents the ears from itching also it prevents different pollutants from entering the inner ear. Even more surprisingly this substance has antibacterial properties.
 Do you know- when we chew the movement pushes earwax to the outer part of the ear and your ears self-clean itself.

If your earwax is gray without any other symptoms there is nothing to worry about. It may look pretty unusual and scary but it is probably just dust. This color of earwax is a regular thing for city dwellers because the air in cities is rather polluted.

If along with the wax of such color you feel itchy nests have dry or cracking skin inside the ear canal there is a thread of eczema and should go to the doctor immediately. Ear health- Ear wax with traces of blood older earwax can look darker having an appearance similar to blood.

However, if you notice traces of real blood when cleaning your ears, it can indicate that your eardrum is perforated and it’s already a serious grounds for concern the eardrum functions as a natural barrier. As it prevents germs and bacteria from entering your inner ear. In case of this damage, your ears can be affected by infections which can lead to otitis and consequently to the worsening of your hearing. That is why it is better to visit a doctor and take some precautions. Ear health

Just remember if you are careful enough in such a situation there’s no reason to panic an eardrum with a rupture heals on its own perfectly just give it few weeks.

human ear
Human ear importance

  Do you know where earwax is produced? The organ responsible for that is apocrine glands. If the earwax discharge is excessive and of darker colors, this indicates that your body has gone through a very stressful time. This is how apocrine glands react when you are afraid or anxious. You can compare it with sweating, you feel uncomfortable or nervous that is why if you have noticed such changes in the body of the earwax then you should try to spend a few days in a calm and peaceful environment.

If your earwax is of black color. Black earwax sounds truly terrifying but no cause for alarm. If it happened only once there is nothing to worry about it. It might just indicate that it has been an inhabitant of your ear for quite a long period.

This phenomenon has a scientifically explained that earwax contains fats and when they interact with oxygen the substance darkens. The longer it stays in the ear the longer it is exposed to oxygen and the darker it becomes. However, if your ears are itchy and the itching becomes stronger. You should visit a doctor. This case the black color of the earwax might signify a fungal infection. Ear health

If your earwax is of white color dry and flaky. White earwax is quite a common type. It can indicate the presence of a recessive gene, by the way, there is also a tendency that the body of people with such type of earwax has less odor than that of people with dark earwax. Almost a hundred percent of people from Korea and Northern China have dry white earwax. If you’re not one of those born in these places then the white color of your earwax can signify that there is a lack of vitamins and microelements inside your body specifically iron and copper. It is recommended to add beans and oatmeal to your diet it wouldn’t harm to take a course of vitamins.

If your earwax was an unpleasant smell or strong unpleasant smell coming from your earwax it can signify an infection inside your middle ear. Another problem might be water trapped in the ear channel. It can lead to an inflammation or a bacterial infection apart from the smell. You might also hear a noise or feel your ears pop from time to time. If you have these symptoms for ear health don’t hesitate and visit an ear doctor. Never try to take out smelly earwax on your own. If you start digging in your ear which is already infected with a pointed something, you will worsen the situation. As it can turn out as bad as a ruptured eardrum liquid earwax. From time to time earwax leaks out from the ear canal. It is a natural mechanism of ear cleaning performed by your body but if the amount of the substance is overabundant or the consistency of your earwax has changed recently it can indicate the start of the inflammation process. If on top of that there is some blood leaking out as well there is a great chance of your eardrum being perforated. If so it is time to make an appointment with a specialist.

If you have a dry earwax then the easiest explanation for earwax. For ear health, dryness is the lack of lean fats inside your body apart from that the reason could be dermatitis and other skin diseases which can make your skin dry. Anyway except in extreme cases earwax isn’t the reason to succumb to panic. However, you may start to worry in case of a blockage or an impact of the ear canal so see a doctor.

If you have the following symptoms the feeling of strange fullness in your ear or a plugged up feeling pain in the ear, unpleasant odor or itching, the feeling of your ear ringing, impaired hearing or decrease of hearing sensitivity all of these signs can indicate a serious problem of wax impaction. However, a doctor can dissolve all your worries. So don’t procrastinate and make an appointment. If your ears tend to produce a big amount of earwax creating a buildup you can take some preventative measures yourself. It’s effective to use agents softening the wax that can be mineral or baby oil or ear drops. For ear health, it is enough to put a few drops of these substances into your ear once a week to soften the ear wax and help it to come out faster and with ease.

Another way to take care of your ears is to buy a special at home kit for their irrigation. Follow these instructions precisely step-by-step. Avoid any problems with your ears by not putting any pointed objects into your ear canal. They will do nothing more than push the wax further inside the ear which can result in a trauma caused to the wall of the canal or the eardrum

Now the top three most interesting facts about your ears.

  • The inner ear is responsible for the equilibrium of your body. If it gets damaged a person experiences a never-ending feeling of a merry-go-round. It may sound fun for about the first five minutes then it turns into a nightmare to your ear functions
  • Even when you are sleeping it keeps picking up sounds.  Why don’t you wake up? Because the brain blocks the noises out to let your body rest. Perhaps those who cannot be woken up even if you fire a cannon in the next room have a very caring brain.
  • Your ears are hairy from inside. The inner part of your ear is covered with more than 20,000 hair cells. They have a critical role. These cells transmit sound to the brain.

Hopefully, I have answered a couple of questions you might have had.

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