20 Interesting Facts About Ronaldo You Never Knew


This being a season of Fifa World Cup. It has been organized in Russia. Ronaldo had done some amazing performance in Group B match with Spain by scoring a hattrick. Also, he made many records in this single match. The goal by Ronaldo in the 4th minute was the fastest goal done after the 1966 World Cup. So we decided to share up some Amazing And Unknown Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo. This list contains the most amazing and interesting facts of Ronaldo you surely never known to you.

Cristiano Ronaldo has launched his name into the discussion of the best soccer player to ever live. The Portuguese star has dominated in every league and any team he joined. Though his name is recognizable, you’d be surprised how much there is about his life that isn’t known to the common eye.

Here are 20 facts you should know about Ronaldo:

20) Name of the game 

His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro but he goes by the first two names for sure. He was named after former US President Ronald Reagan. Ronaldo’s father greatly admired the actor turned President and named his son after him.

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19) Amazing Nicknames 

One interesting fact about Ronaldo is that he was given many nicknames as a child. His mother famously told in interview stories about how he’d be able to sneak out late at night without his mom catching him. He was called Crybaby and Little-B as a kid. This because he’d try he passed to his teammates and they failed to score and he was a Little B because nobody could catch him.

18) Childhood Mises

Ronaldo actually not expelled at the age of 14 for throwing a chair at his teacher. Ronaldo said this is because he disrespected his mother then told him to focus entirely on soccer and the rest is history.

17) Survivor

Ronaldo almost had no pro-soccer career when he was just 15 years old. He was diagnosed with the racing heart. He was able to get surgery however and continued playing in his career. It just goes to show how soccer really is in his blood.

16) Working Harder

Lifting weights is hard training. Dribbling soccer balls is also extensive but why not get the best of both while you can. When Ottawa trained himself by placing a weight on one foot and then dribble with the other. Sometimes a little extra work can make the difference.

15) Powerful Kicks

One fact about Ronaldo is his’s kick is a little too powerful. Perhaps they’ll be used to launch missile soccer balls in the army one day. Some of his kicks that landed in the crowd have hurt spectators a fan broke a wrist and others had a broken their noses from his big boots. Let’s take a minute and appreciate the goalies that put themselves out there to stop his rocket shots.

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14) Ronaldo using Cheetah’s trick

Ronaldo is a world-class soccer player. It’s easy for some people to accuse him of somehow cheating. He’s not a cheater but he’s like a cheetah when he jumps in the air it’s been reported that he creates 5G when it comes to G-force that’s five times as much as what a cheetah can produce in one jump.

13) Faster than the speed of light

When autos kick has been recorded at 130 km/h we’ll let that sink in and leave you with that.

12) Big-hearted Ronaldo

He is one of the most beloved and also one of the most hated soccer players. But fans should enjoy every bit of Ronaldo. He’s a great person off the field also. He donates blood very often and because this yet doesn’t have a single tattoo on his body.

11) No-Alcohol Rule

It’s a tradition in sports for teams to crack open the champagne and poured around everywhere when they win a championship. That’s not the case with Ronaldo following in his father’s footsteps, he doesn’t drink alcohol. If you meet him and offer to buy him a drink alone now you know the rules.

10) Arnold’s Complement

You know you’re doing it right when the most muscular movie star of all time complements you. Hollywood icon and Mr. Universe Champion Arnold Schwarzenegger had this to say about him is a fantastic physique and the great Abs. He’s in an amazing shape that’s why he’s such a great footballer that’s a hat-trick of a compliment.

9) Great Friend

Here’s the reported story about how Ronaldo became a soccer star his friend Albert Fran trial refused to score a goal in a game that helped Ronaldo get accepted to Lisbon over him Antron said he did it because Ronaldo was better than him he’s a little Oy and lives a luxurious lifestyle but I stated he’s been rich because of his friend Christina know what great friends.

8) Turning over a new maple leaf

Canada is more known for its hockey Superstars than soccer but it appears as though Ronaldo inspired them to get better at the University of British Columbia Okanagan there’s a sociology course solely on Ronaldo that fans can take Luis Aguilar is the man running it so feel free to move up to the cold like North Falls.

7) Staying in shape

How does Ronaldo keep his body in great shape? And to the point where Arnold Schwarzenegger complements him. He does about 3000 abs work out the day in his bar that is below 10%. So yeah he could probably play till his 50s.

6) A Fair Payday

in 2008 Ronaldo signed a five-year contract worth 31 million euro he produced right away kornel 42 goals and being named the FIFA World Player of the Year.

5) London Love

Despite breaking the hearts of England by eliminating them in the 2006 World Cup quarter-finals the City of London forgave Ronaldo he joined Steve Gerrard Pele and David Beckham as the only soccer players to get a waxing of them at Madame Tussauds in London.

4) Play with him

99.9% of soccer players in the world will never be able to say they played against CR7 but in a sense, you can’t play with him. He lost a game for iPhones called heads up with Cristiano in 2011.

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Now the best three about Ronaldo

3) Olympic Athlete

Ronaldo may not decide to take up sprinting when he retires but every season he will outwork an Olympic sprinter by miles in a given season he’ll sprint 900 more times than an Olympic sprinter that’s how fast he is and how hard he works.

2) Be his friend

No seriously try to get on his good side. Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes was very loyal to him. So in return for his wedding as a gift, Ronaldo gifted Jorge a new life on Island in Greece. A well-furnished mansion. We are not kidding. It was reportedly worth somewhere between 30 to 50 million euros. So be nice if you ever meet him.

1) Museum of its own

Some people hate Ronaldo for this but it’s quite remarkable how great he is in his home country. He built the Museo CR7. It is a museum dedicated in his own honor where fans can see some of the notable awards he won. There is also a life-sized replica of Ronaldo.

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Bonus: Now when you shared this here’s few bonus facts about Ronaldo

  • He his the only football player with big 125 millions of followers on Instagram.
  • He started his own brand with name CR7 as only shoe brand but now CR7 sells all clothing and is a very popular brand among football fans.



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