How To Stick To Your New Year Fitness Resolution

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If you want to stick to your new fitness resolution then this article is for you. Its been almost twenty days of the new year and some of you might have loosened the strength and positiveness of that resolution. So this article is for you to motivate you from continuing your new year fitness resolution Every year we decide some new year resolution however very few people succeed in following this. Is sticking to resolution way to difficult. While according to survey only 90% people are able to properly follow their Resolution. Go through this post this will help you in a proper guide to seriously follow your fitness resolution this New Year.

Write down your goals

Writing your goals on something you see or have to see every day will help you a lot in following your goal and fitness resolution. Be specific about the goal. This means if you want to lose 10 pounds by valentines day which gives you roughly two pounds a week in first 5-6 weeks of your resolution. Try to eliminate fast foods or any other food which may deteriorate your fitness goal. Fitness resolution should be also sufficient not too low or too high to achieve.

Setting Practical Goals

Well, setting managed fitness resolution is important because if you now have 30-40% of body fat then its almost impossible to reduce it to single digit in a month or two. So set a proper timing of your gym timing or yoga or any fitness activity. It’s better to divide your goals in micro-goals which can be chased over time.

Make your resolution public

Making your resolution public will work because their fear of public criticizing will make you do that. It also gives a psychological boost. Also, people of your circle will keep reminding you and ask about progress.

Plan a reward for yourself

Rewarding own is very important. Celebrating your milestone like buying smaller clothes as your fitness resolution will make you lose some fat.

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