Winter diet plan to lose weight and to be maintained

diet to lose weight fast
diet to lose weight

   Do you also want to stay fit and healthy this winter? Here are some important tips from our health module. In winter season we increase intake of food high sugar and carbohydrates to increase our energy level and also to keep our body warm. However, this change in diet makes us feeling sluggish and tired. This leads to winter weight gain which mostly no one wants. To overcome this, we are providing you some meal plans based on our research. All the meal plans are easy as well versatile and will have the vegetarian option. So keep reading to be Winter diet ready!

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 Starting your day – It should start with flat belly diet drink on an empty stomach. You might also know this drink as it is very simple and the results shown are impressive. You can check how to prepare it from here. Try to have 1-2 liters of this drink daily. It will help you to reduce your extra fats, especially along your belly.

 After 30-45 minutes – Its time for quinoa paneer salad. Though it is little expensive and difficult to found its worth it cause it is a super grain and contain all kind of amino acids.  It is the complete protein and gluten free which is best for weight loss. This recipe is also tasty and easier to make and can also be refrigerated is made in bulk for 3-4 days. Just warm it before having it. After this its time for green tea which increases metabolism and fat oxidation.

 Lunch Time – In lunch, you have to consume Masala Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a whole grain which is fiber-rich and also does not give any saturated fats. You will get the recipe here.

Evening – Take a glass of Chia Water and one fruit. You can have apple, kiwi, orange or cup of berries.

  Dinner – The dinner will consist of Sweet Potato Soup. Its recipe is very useful for winter fat loss program. Now you might be thinking why sweet potato is used. The reason is that sweet potato is full of Vitamin A which keeps our eyes and skin healthy. Also, they are rich in Vitamin B6, C and D. They contain a lot of potassium, magnesium, and help in blood sugar spikes. They help in losing weight as they are rich in dietary fiber, water content and low in calories. Thus it is great food for weight loss. It’s an oil-free recipe and doesn’t use oil for its cooking.


Some dos and DON’Ts for Winter diet plan:

  • As in winters, our metabolism slows down, so you must add chilies and citrus to food for boosting your energy.
  • Add Flat belly diet drink instead of water as it will protect from dehydrating you.
  • Meals in Lunch and Dinner can be swapped according to your convenience.
  • You must indulge in some physical activities like cardio and yoga.


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