Here’s the list of Highest paid Country Leaders


Other people’s salaries always raise curiosity. Presidents and Prime Minister’s ones are no exception. Actually, they are far from being secret. We have finally collected the required data of for World’s Highest paid Country Leaders. So, let’s find out how much money do some of the most powerful people in the world earn. Check out the Salaries of Country Leaders which are from $1 to more than 2 million dollars.

1)Donald Trump:

donald trump salary is 1$
salary of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is current President of the US. He is getting one dollar a year. The reason is Donald Trump rejected his Presidential salary of $400,000 a year. This would have made it 33000 dollars a month and 1095 dollars a day. Instead, he established his annual salary to be just one dollar for each working year because he don’t want to get less by law. The personal fortune of the current US president is three billion dollars so he can afford to work without renumeration.

2)Petro Poroshenko:

Ukraine's Leaders Salary
Petro Poroshenko salary

Petro Poroshenko the president of Ukraine earns twelve thousand two hundred twenty dollars a year it’s 11018 dollars for every month and 33 dollars for every day. He secures one of the most highest paid Country Leaders. And according to Forbes, Petro Poroshenko is the sixth richest person in Ukraine. His fortune is almost 1.3 billion dollars. Allegedly in 2017, the whole amount of President’s salary was spent on charity.

3)Xi Jinping:

annual salary of Xi_Jinping
Xi_Jinping salary

Xi Jinping President of the People’s Republic of China earns a modest 22593 dollars a year which is approximately 1716 dollars a month and 56 dollars a day. It was increased by 62 percent BY the leader of the PRC in 2015. His wife and his daughter though don’t own any businesses. However, the fortune of his close relatives is estimated to 376 million dollars.

4)Sauli Niinistö:

president of Finland
salary of Finland president

Sauli Niinisto President of Finland, one of the wealthiest countries in the world who has been re-elected for his second term earns 146,700 dollars annually that makes it 12,225 dollars a month and 402 dollars a day.

5)Vladimir Putin:

Vladimir Putin President of Russia earns one hundred fifty-one thousand thirty-two dollars annually which is twelve thousand five hundred eighty-six dollars a month and four hundred fourteen dollars a day. He was named the most influential person in the world in 2016 by fours magazine.

6)Theresa May:

salary of UK president
Theresa May salary

Theresa May Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is lead lady ruling the country in a strict manner and earns one hundred ninety-eight thousand five hundred nine dollars annually that sixteen thousand five hundred forty-two dollars a month and five hundred forty-four dollars a day. She is also fond of shoes hence she has an enormous collection and each pair is kept in a transparent box so she doesn’t have to waste time searching for the necessary shoes.

7)Emmanuel Macron:

Salary of President of France
Emmanuel Macron salary

Emmanuel Macron the salary of France’s youngest president is two hundred eleven thousand five hundred thirty dollars which is seventeen thousand six hundred twenty-eight dollars a month and five hundred eighty dollars a day. Before his political career Macron was very successful in the banking industry. He also received the nickname of the Mozart of finance and his commissions are estimated at more than 1 million dollars a year.

8)Angela Merkel:

salary of Chancellor
Angela Merkel salary

Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany has a salary of two hundred sixty-three thousand dollars annually. Basically, she earns twenty two thousand dollars every month and seven hundred twenty dollars every day. She declined to live in an administrative housing and just lives in a five-story building in Central Berlin.

9)Justin Trudeau:

salary of Trudeau
Justin Trudeau salary

Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada earns $267,000 a year that’s twenty-two thousand two hundred eighty-five dollars for every month and seven hundred thirty-three dollars for every day.

10)Narendra Modi:

narendra modi salary
Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India earns a Salary of $55,000. The Salary and earnings of Narendra Modi have increased 45% over the last two years. In any case, the yearly profit of Narendra Modi is substantially higher than his compensation since he procures a great deal of salary from his own ventures.

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