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Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos told tips about inspiration, work-life balance, goal achievement and how to be an inventor in a recent interview . the world richest person displayed an unexperienced level of ingenuousness during that interview at Los Angeles.

Learning resourcefulness: The last line of his high school graduation ceremony ” space the final frontier. meet me their ” he further said that ” I spent summer holidays from age 4- 16 with my grandfather. he used to call him pop.

While raising kids: Jeff and wife allowed their kids gives sharp knifes since they were four years old and they taught them how to use welding power tools because unless they hurt themselves they would not learn. Jeff says, “his wife’s perspective was that she would much rather have a kid with nine fingers than a resourceless kid”.

 While choosing a romantic partner: when Jeff decided he was ready to settle down his friends, his friends set up lots of blind dates. He realizes he would found his wife after meeting someone truly resourceful.

amazon CEO
Jeff Bezos

   Realizing when to resign his job and start Amazon: he worked few years in finance software engineering on wall street. but in 1994 he told his boss that he wanted to start an online bookstore . his boss said that it was a good idea but for those who didn’t have a good job.  this made him feel remorse and immediately he thought that regarding himself instead of regrading himself he should leave to start Amazon.

Thinking about what I would do if I was not Jeff Bezos: He said ” my guess is I would be a happy software engineer following his interest in machine learning an Artificial Intelligence . ” but he admitted ” I had this fantasy of being a bartender I would proud myself on my craft cocktails. ”

  Developing his rocket company Blue Origin and on space entrepreneurship: He thinks that we should go to space to protect the earth and believes that plan A and plan B should be both fixed saving environment of the earth to keep it livable. he said that we have sent robotic probes to every planet of over solar system . this one is the best but not even close.With the aim to open the opportunities of space is by reducing the price of getting objects out of earth gravity. we must lower the cost of admission so thousands of entrepreneur can have a startup in space.

 Establishing work-life balance: He like the phrase work-life harmony jeff says . he thinks that if he is adding value an is a productive member of a team at work make one’s feel better at home. if I am happy at home it makes me better an employee, a better boss. Since the world is so complicated, domain expert for solving a problem he said that you had to approach thinks like childlike curiosity. Inventors are the experts with beginner minds.

This is all he frankly said in an interview.

Here’s Bezos profile on Forbes



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