These films are making Holi more rocking


This year Holi was on 2nd of March. As Holi was on Friday, many of us got weekend off on Saturday and Sunday also. We got a lot of time to enjoy Holi and moreover, two Bollywood films are releasing this week to make our Holi celebration more special. All these films are different from each other in case of scenarios. All of these films are ready to rock the Box Office. So, we will be discussing these two movies releasing this Holi and YOU have to choose which one is your cup of tea.

PARI: not a fairytale

This time Anushka Sharma is not going to present the film with beauty an grace however she is going to frighten you. Avatar of Anushka is as never seen before. As the title of the movie, it is not a fairytale. This is a story of a girl having devil’s soul on her. As seen in the trailer, her haunting eyes and scary scars tell us a different story. This is movie seemingly looks more horror and suspense than other Bollywood movies.  The movie is directed by Prosit Roy and produced by Anushka’s home production ‘Clean Slate Films’ with Kriyas Entertainment and Kayta production. This film has been released on Holi i.e. on 2nd March.

Anushka’s tweet on rating her movie got:

Veerey Ki Wedding:
Two films having almost same title, one consisting of Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor which is releasing on 1 June. So we will be talking about Veerey Ki Wedding which is released on 2nd March. The film is casting Pulkit Samrat, Jimmy Shergill, and Kriti Kharbanda. The film shooted in Delhi. Veer Arora who is a ‘ dilli ka launda’ who love geet ‘dilli ki kudi’ wants to marry her. Things got worse during the meet-the-parents session. And the whole story is based on this place. The film is funny and sarcastic around its place. The trailer is very funny and watch it in case you missed it.

So, These are two films are releasing this Holi Season. Choose your movie if you want to laugh then ‘Veerey ki Wedding’ is awesome and want to be frightened then ‘Pari: not a story tale’.


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